Procedure Manual Template

I procedure manual is an important document. This document can easily help you run your small or medium business efficiently.

In fact, if your business does not have a procedure manual, chances are you are wasting a lot of money, your team are performing poorly and everyone is heading in different directions.

What a nightmare!

This type of document is critical to any organization.

Firstly, it sets the direction.

If you haven’t worked out where your business is heading – do it now. Establish what your business means, what it stands for and where you want it to go. Then put this in your Procedure Manual.

Secondly, it sets the ground rules.

Rules are important even if you think they are not. You might not want a business that dictates people’s lives when they are at work. This is not what it is about. The rules are simply there for people to follow so everyone is heading in the same direction.

Team members should always be able to make suggestions to adjust the rules. However the important thing is that everyone needs to be heading on the same path – the same direction and work as a team. If you have no rules – the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing.

Thirdly – It improves Performance

Once everyone has a better idea of where they are going and what is require, things naturally gel together better. Communication is the key to any successful business and a Procedure Manual is simply a communication tool.

Producing a procedure manual takes significant effort. Therefore the easiest and most efficient way is to create a procedure manual using a Procedure Manual Template.

This will save you significant time, effort and allow you to get on with other important things in your business.