Make Money Writing Articles

moneystackYour articles must be professional and relevant. The best thing to do is go and hang out at some of the internet marketing forums and get to know what goes on. There are plenty to choose from.

Some of these forums even have dedicated places where you can advertise that you wish to write articles.

Sign up to the forums and join in the conversations. Then once you feel comfortable you can advertise your services. Make sure you have some examples of your articles as this will give potential buyers an idea of your abilities.

You can make about $5 – $7 per 400 words. This is pretty easy money really if you have a natural flair for writing articles. If you can type fast, it is even easier money. You should easily be able to find plenty of webmasters that need  content for their websites.

You could even advertise your services on a freelancer website. You can bid for the projects posted online. There are literally hundreds of places where you can do this. Below is a list of websites you can try.

Warrior Forum.
There is a section in the Warrior Forum where you can list your services. All you need to do is sign up for the website – it is free, and then you should be able to post your advertisment to write articles. Go ahead and check it out.

Working From Home for Work At Home Moms

Working from home can be one of the greatest things about work. Also – it can be tough. Depending on your personality and your work ethic, it may or may not work for you.

Consider carefully before you jump in head first. Of course, if you are a mom with small children then working from home may be your only option. The good news about this is that thanks to the internet there are millions of opportunities to earn an income from home.

Be careful!

There are plenty of scams online. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of working from home.


1. You can easily look after small children while working. If they need to sleep during the day then this is your opportunity to get things done. Make sure you make the most of it.

2. You can claim tax benefits for your home and this can include your repayments on your home loan if you have one. What could possibly be better than that !


1. It is easy to get distracted. You could end up watching TV instead. Of if you are really good – you could have the soapies on TV while you work. Is this and advantage or disadvantage?

2. It can be hard to separate your work from your relaxation time. The best way to do this is – separate your work space. Have it in a separate room or garage or shed. This way, you can walk away if you need a break.

Check out your opportunities to make good cash from home online. These days this has to be your best option.

You could;

– Complete surveys

– Learn software and sell your skills

– Write for a living


Do you like writing? Can you write articles? There are plenty of people that need articles written. Try this;

Go to the Warrior Forum. Click Here
Then go to the section where it says warriors for hire. Click Here

Advertise your services there. You will need to be a member, so sign up for it – it is free.

You will also need a Paypal account. This is free too if you don’t have one already. Advertise your services and make sure you don’t get scammed. There are plenty of scammers around.

You can charge $7 per article for around $500 wordds. If you can write well , this is easy money.