Passive Income Generators

Looking for some Passive Income Generators? Here is a list you could try to get your passive income streams flowing fast.

1. Stock and Share Investing

This is an old favorite and plenty of people spend their day watching their stocks and shares and do nothing else.

You will need some significant investments to make a regular income and you will also need to become familiar with the markets and watch out for downturns in the economy.

2. Creating a Franchise

There is a huge amount of work required upfront to establish a franchise business. This is creating a business from scratch and then selling sites to franchisees.

Firstly, you need to come up with a successful business model. This can be really difficult. Once you find something that works well you can the progress to setting up systems for a franchise.

This again is a huge amount of work, but once it gets going and if it is successful it is definitely a money spinner. Another good approach is, once you have your franchise ready to sell and you start getting buyers, set them up in property owned by you.

This way you get the best of both worlds, income for the franchisee and growth of the property as well as regular rent. This is an awesome passive income idea but be ready to work your butt off for many years.

3. Self Storage Facility

A self storage facility is really a semi passive type of income. You still need to market it and you still need some staff for security and accounts etc.

Once you get it operational it is less likely to be a headache as staff numbers are limited and skill level required to run a Self Storage Facility is relatively low.

You will need some significant capital to start the business or build the facilities so this really is out of reach of the everyday person.

4. Money Lender

Can you lend money to people?

This is definitely a risky business and is really a specialist area. If the people that you lend money to don’t pay, you can be in all sorts of trouble.

Only attempt investigating this one further if you have thick skin and are prepared to argue a lot.

5. Bank Savings

Bank savings is an easy one and is open to almost everyone. You can earn interest on your saving easily in a term deposit account.

This is definitely worth considering as usually your money is fairly easily accessible and you could deposit it for a minimum term of 3 months, so it really is worth considering. To make any significant income though, you will need to have a lot of money to invest.

Delegating Correctly is a Form Of Passive or Residual Income

Own a business? Maybe you manage a team? Do you outsource tasks to others? Maybe you have a small team working for you?

“If you are not delegating correctly then you are missing
out on passive income.”

Just think – instead of delegating a task to someone that can actually do it, you do it yourself.

“This is not only inefficient but a waste of your time.”

If you have capable team members working for you then ensure you delegate to them. Even if you think the task is a hard task, still delegate it to them.

This way they will learn and feel more responsible for what they are working on.

“You can simplify difficult tasks by breaking them
down into easy to manage portions.”

Once they have completed the first part, then give them the next part.

This way you are ‘overseeing’ the process and keeping tabs on your team member while letting them do the actual work.

This is a ‘semi passive process’ for you. Make sure you do it to increase your Passive Income.

Delegating effectively is just one form of Passive Income. There are so many ways to generate passive income. A great way to do this is to do it online. Have a look at these options for generating passive income and make your money work for you instead of you working for it. Read More….

Adsense is a Form of Passive Income

Adsense is another form of passive income. If you can create websites and include Adsense and then drive traffic to your site you should be able to make steady income from the Adsense revenue.

“Set up a website and drive traffic to it”

This may not be much at the beginning but after time should increase if you keep improving it as you go.

Don’t Quit Your Job Just Yet.
Just think – you can go to work everyday working for your boss and making a salary, or you can look for opportunities where you can sell something over and over again.

This really is the best form of income.

You may need to keep your job to pay your bills but if you supplement it with other forms of income and be strategic and look for opportunities where you can maximize your return based on the effort you put in, you will slowly put yourself in a better position for the long term.

Need an idea for quick passive income? Got some basic web skills?

1. Choose a niche Easy to do – Find Something that interests you.

2. Set up a Blogger Blog

3. Ad Adsense

4. Drive Traffic to it. Write 10 Articles and direct them to your Blog. Try Ezine Articles.

5. Then Repeat – Passive Income – easy.

The Power of Passive & Residual Income

moneystackIt is all about creating a business on ‘automatic pilot.’ Passive income is a powerful concept. There are quite a lot of choices around for creating passive income streams and it can come in several forms. It could be residual income, recurring income or a one off payment income.

“It is all about creating a business on ‘automatic pilot.”

There are many benefits of generating a money this way. Firstly, you may need to put in extra hard work to get your passive income stream working, but once it is, it should work on automatic and generate money for you without you doing much work.

“If this powerful concept of passive income doesn’t make you sit up and take notice – what would?”

It may also give you the freedom to choose when and where you want to work and is not dependant on going to a daily standard job. If you create one type of passive income stream, once this is completed you could then go ahead and create another one.

This way you can build up your money generating empire and sit back and let the cash flow in.

“It may also give you the freedom to choose when and where you want to work.”

Other benefits are that you should have more time to spend with your family and you are building a portfolio that should create a money for you for when you retire.

Easy Cash Ideas
There are several types of online passive income opportunities. These include affiliate marketing, selling informational products, advertising commissions, pay per click advertising or referring products to others.

Even AdSense is a form of passive income as once you have set up your website and established regular traffic then the money should flow in for months to come.

“Test each one until you find the one that suits your requirements.”

You can find many passive income opportunities online and you should test each one until you find the one that suits your requirements.

Passive Income Sources

moneystackPassive income really is a great tool to have in your financial plan, so if you can find ways to generate this passive income it really is going to relieve some of the financial pressure that is common in the current fast paced society.

So if you are looking for ways to generate passive income browse the internet as there are thousands of ideas online and start applying some of these strategies to add to your financial portfolio.

If you search for passive income ideas in a search engine like Google you get a lot of online ideas and limited offline passive income generating ideas.

So here are 5 Ideas that you can investigate. The key to finding passive income is finding something that suits you. This can be quite difficult.

1. Rent a Property
This usually requires significant capital and if you don’t have the capital, then you will need to borrow it. Obviously it will take some time before you pay off the loan, so this can be out of reach of a large percentage of the population.

“Get ready for a big loan if you don’t have the cash”

So if you can’t afford an investment property, what are some other ways to generate some passive income? You really need to think outside of the square for this.

2. Publishing a Book or some Music
This is a common one, but something that not everyone can do.

Obviously, if you have no musical talent or can’t write then this will be very difficult to achieve.

“Are you a creative person? Then this one is for you.”

If you can though, it is worth attempting.

3. Become an Inventor
Inventing something could be relatively easy, but getting it to the market could be very difficult.

Often, this is where inventions stop in their tracks as marketing something is very expensive and getting it off the ground will require deep pockets.

“This could be expensive to get started but lucrative if you succeed”

Obviously, if your idea is very innovative and unique, then you have more of a chance of making it successful.

You should also target new innovative fields as this is likely to attract more interest from parties that are likely to fund your invention.

How do you find an innovative industry?

Check media reports and become aware of things that are happening in the world today that are at the forefront.

4. Become an Insurance Agent
Insurance agents get a recurring commission on insurance policies. Insurance may be professional indemnity or public liability or a range of other types of insurances.

“Insurance Agents get regular royalites from the premiums”

This can be a relatively easy way to get passive income if you have great sales skills and enjoy working and selling to people. This really is a career choice.

5. Vending Machines
This certainly isn’t for everyone but can be a good opportunity to earn some relatively passive income.

OK, you will need to collect the money and service the machines, so really you will need a lot of machines in many good places and then you need to make sure your machines are in good working order otherwise you will spend all your time fixing them up.