Absolute Fastest Way to Make Money Online

The absolute fastest way to make money online would have to be this.

Go to Fiver and list your services or something you can do – find someone that needs your services then do it and get paid…….

However – it isn’t really sustainable is it? Sounds too much like a job to me.

You really want to build something that is going to give you that passive income over and over again – and not just $5 worth of passive income – significant sales every week that allows you to achieve the freedom you want.

Focus on your niche is a way that no one else does. Be creative and come up with different ideas.

The best way to do this is review your competitors. Not to copy them but to UNDERSTAND what ideas are out then and broaden your mind. See what they are doing to reach their market base creatively.

Then – start brainstorming for ideas on how you can get more eyeballs on your products – and most importantly more sign ups. This is what you must aim for – capturing and building your list.

Can you post out flyers with your website address on them cheaply?
Not really – this is getting more and more expensive as electronic communication takes over. Doesn’t mean you can’t be creative though and find alternative ways to keep the cost down.

Can you advertise in print cheaply?
Advertise your website in unusual places. Test and see how it goes.

Market your website far and wide in the right areas that you can afford and keep going hard to build that list.